Meldon Consulting can undertake a range of training administration tasks. In addition we offer practical and participative training workshops. These are flexibly delivered to adapt to different learning styles, skill levels of delegates and organisational need.

Training Administration

  • Training needs analysis
  • Developing training plans (departmental and organisational)
  • Assessing overall company development needs in line with business aims

Management Development

These programmes are designed to meet the needs of your organisation and are built around the skills and experience of your managers.

Management Techniques Programmes

These cover a variety of aspects of day-to-day staff management as well as techniques for continued personal development. In order to maximise the benefits, personality profiling and “team typing” can be built into these programmes as required.

Core Training Programmes

These bespoke programmes are designed and built to develop the core knowledge, skills, experience and competencies that are required to deliver specific roles in your organisation.

Team Building

These sessions can be either for new teams, teams who are struggling to work together, or teams that are growing or facing organisational challenges. They are specifically designed around the needs of the organisation, the team and its future goals.