HR Consultancy

We are happy to explore an approach that best suits your organisation, but whatever the approach you will get the service and expertise of a HR professional as and when you need it, without carrying the overhead when you do not.

Annual HR Service

The services of Meldon Consulting can be retained on an annual basis with one of our team visiting your premises on a regular, planned basis to deal with all aspects of HR management and employment law queries. We would also be available by telephone and email for queries between visits.

Telephone and Email Advisory Service

This service gives you access to a HR professional as and when you need it. With charges based on the actual volume of usage this can prove very effective for start-up organisations and smaller enterprises. 

HR Healthchecks

Our full HR Health Check service ensures your HR practices support your business goals, comply with employment legislation, are pragmatic and adhere to best practice.

Through the HR Healthcheck, you will be able to:

  • gain an overview of your HR needs and relate them to the needs of your organisation or enterprise
  • identify weaknesses in HR practice and take steps to correct them before issues arise
  • spend less time firefighting and more time planning and managing
  • focus on strategy and business benefits rather than single activities and actions. 

The full Healthcheck involves three stages: research, analysis and a report. As well as identifying good and best practice, the report highlights risks and areas that need improvement and gives you an action plan outlining how to move forward. This service is flexible enough to be a standalone service if that is what is required or to be a catalyst for change which Meldon HR can support you through.

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Staff Handbooks and Policies

All employers know that changing employment legislation can be a real minefield. Meldon HR can help you navigate that by reviewing, producing or developing the following policy areas and systems:-

  • Contracts of employment – including full contracts and amendment documentation.
  • Staff handbooks and policy manuals – including the review of existing personnel policies and the development of new policies and manager guidelines where there are shortfalls. Policies, manager guidelines and employee briefing notes can all be collated into a handbook or manual if required.
  • Job Evaluation – the development of a job evaluation system including the evaluation of current roles, manager guidelines and the production of a final outcome report.
  • Appraisal – the development of an appraisal system, linked to pay if required, including manager guidelines and relevant documentation.
  • Sickness absence – the development of sickness absence recording, monitoring and management systems.
  • Salary – undertaking salary surveys and designing salary structures to link with existing systems.
  • Disciplinary and Grievance – reviewing existing procedures, developing new ones and producing guidelines for managers on how to follow them and work within the law.
  • HR Databases – we have experience of database selection, data transfer, implementation and report structure design as well as synchronising with existing systems and procedures.
  • Capability Issues – Meldon HR can help get the best from your teams when there are other factors affecting their performance.
  • Organisational Change – Meldon HR can formulate policies that give you the flexibility to change according to business need including redundancy, short-time working and restructuring roles/departments.

Recruitment & Selection

The investment that businesses make in their staff is one of the most important ones they will make, whatever their size. Getting a recruitment decision wrong can be painful, costly and time consuming; getting it right first time makes good business sense.


Meldon Consulting can provide advice and design support for any recruitment campaign, from advert to interview stage, including shortlisting and the subsequent pre-employment checks.


We can design and run assessment centres. If appropriate, this can involve psychometric testing and occupational personality questionnaires including analysis and candidate feedback.


We can also advise on, and design, induction programmes that start your new team members off on the right foot. These can range from company-wide days to individual plans. 

Staffing Issues

No-one wants issues to come to a head at work but when they do it can be a relief to know that you have a professional on hand to help manage such situations.

Meldon Consulting can provide advice and support with disciplinary and grievance cases from investigations through to hearings. We can also help with facilitated meetings where issues of conflict have led (or may lead) to a formal grievance being raised.

If you think an issue may be developing talk to Meldon HR and we can help you prevent / minimise before it becomes a hot potato! Meldon HR will support you to manage / resolve the issue in a proactive and pragmatic way through mediation, facilitated meetings, manager coaching, management training etc.

Change Management

Change in an organisation is invariably unsettling for all who are involved. We have extensive experience of working with a range of companies that have gone through rapid growth, re-shaping and Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment (TUPE).

Meldon Consulting can review organisational practices and assist in introducing methods to help manage change and support business development. In addition we can offer support and advice during periods of re-structuring and redundancy. This includes redeployment services and career counselling.

Coaching and Facilitation

Individuals who clearly know their own personal values are often better decision-makers and have stronger personal and business relationships. Coaching and counselling can challenge behaviour in a constructive and supportive way to help the individual gain clarity and work towards achieving their personal and career goals.

Business and Lifestyle Coaching

Meldon Consulting can provide a coaching service to individuals who would benefit from structured support in managing their current role, work-life balance and future development. Coaching can transform relationships and improve how the individual interacts with others. Meldon Consulting aims to helps people reach their full potential by removing the blockers that can impact on career goals.

Facilitation Sessions

Meldon Consulting provides a facilitation service for individuals and teams where conflict is prevalent. An independent third party is an effective way to assist all parties in working towards a mutually acceptable outcome.

HR for Start-Ups

Many years ago Meldon HR was a start-up! So we understand the exhilaration of starting a new business. We also understand that whilst you may be a specialist in your business service/product, other areas of running a business can be new and daunting. We would like to join you on the journey and become your trusted advisor for any staffing queries or issues.

Employing your first staff member or team is an exciting step for any business. It is also a massive PR opportunity for your new business, so it is crucial that you give the right impression to readers of your advertisement, applicants, interviewees and ultimately your chosen new employee.

Meldon HR can help you work out what impression you want your recruitment, contractual and other HR documentation to make. Are you warm and friendly, commercial and systematic or quirky and creative? We can advise and guide to ensure that you attract and retain the right staff but weaving these values throughout all your HR interactions.

We offer a flexible and realistically priced package for start-ups designed to recognise the need to deliver to tight timescales and budgets.